Who Are We?

We have been around since 1992. Back then we mainly installed two-way radio systems, hence the name Radio Services. Over the years we have evolved and adapted with the ever changing world of mobile communications. In this time we have seen many changes in this industry including the transition from analogue to digital technology. These days we specialise in GPS tracking equipment. We operate 2 dedicated servers offering our customers a choice of monitoring platforms. Maybe your monitoring a busy fleet of trucks and trailers or maybe you just want to keep tabs on a motorhome or horse box. If it moves we can probably track it, and right now we have clients tracking everything from portable loos to shipping containers!

Know which type of tracking solution you need!
There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution and its fair to say that sometimes there is some degree of mis-selling and mis-information in this industry that can confuse customers. For example a tracking device needed on a delivery truck is not the same device you would need if you wanted to protect an expensive piece of plant equipment. Its different again if you want to protect a high value motor car.

Fleet Tracking System

Fleet tracking system
We can supply a superb, feature packed, easy to use tracking system for fleets large and small.

Use our devices or we can usually reconfigure your own devices to use our platform.

We link to Wialon for our primary server, see supported devices here

  • European or Global coverage
  • Choice of maps
  • 60 second movement updates
  • PC access
  • Mobile app access
  • Multi account access
  • Multi device support
  • Reports package
  • Geofence alerts
  • Driver identification
  • Email notifications
  • SMS notifications
  • Remote immobilization
  • Out of hours lockdown
  • Panic alarm
  • No contract or tie in
  • No nonsense deal available here

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Asset Tracking

Our SPIDER AT asset trackers have been designed from the outset to be small, self contained, self powered devices suitable for a wide range of applications from plant and machinery to high end vehicles, motorhomes, horse boxes etc. In fact the location of any asset can be monitored for logistical and theft recovery purposes using these devices. They report their GPS position into our servers once every 24 hours. This means that for 23h 58m every day they are in deep sleep mode conserving battery power. The device is about the size of 2 cigarette packets. For obvious reasons we don’t show images of the devices. They come in several different enclosures including IP67 rated for external installations. Your devices can be monitored 24/7 from a PC, tablet or smartphone. You are able to set up geofences (specific areas on a map eg: a transport yard or your house) If a tracking device reports a position outside this area the tracking platform will create an alert, usually sent as an SMS to a preferred mobile number.

We are currently tracking:
Plant, machinery, trailers, lease vehicles, hire vehicles, portable loos, generators, horse boxes, motorbikes, scooters, caravans, motorhomes, boats, mobile offices, shipping containers, lighting rigs….

Insurance Approved?
It really does depend on who you are insured with. Insurance companies and their underwriters are usually very slow and sometimes hesitant to embrace technology. It’s hard to understand why but they move at their own pace. From an insurance perspective this device could save them countless pay outs for theft claims. Information received from the device could simplify and accelerate the location and recovery process. Inform your insurance company that you have a SPIDER AT device with a monthly subscription fitted to your vehicle/asset and hopefully they will appreciate that this works to benefit both the insured and the insurer.

As well as the obvious theft recovery benefits these devices provide superb logistical information for any asset where a daily location report is required.  For example: HGV trailers, water pumps, lighting rigs etc

  • Small compact design
  • IP67 enclosure available
  • No wiring
  • Self powered
  • Multi year deployment
  • Long battery life
  • 3 years + (AT3)
  • 5 years + (AT5)
  • Undetectable by RF sniffer
  • Professional installation
  • Competent DIY installation
  • Europe/worldwide operation
  • Low monthly monitoring fee
  • No contract or tie in
  • Use as a backup to other tracking devices
  • No nonsense deal available here